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Who are we?   We are a Canadian Company who takes pride in Customer Service.

You are important to us.

Our mandate is to bring you the best in quality products that will hopefully meet your expectations.

We will accept returns on any product that you are not pleased with within 7 days of receiving it.

Our requirement is that you pay to ship the product to us.

If it is in perfect resale condition, then we can credit your Account.

If the product was shipped as damaged, or short dated less than 6 months, and if not on sale,

your Account will be credited.

See our Q&A page.

With 20+ years as Natural Product Sales Representatives

to a large number of supplement suppliers in the Health Food Industry,

we had privilege to inside knowledge about natural products and the integrity of companies.

With 30+ years experience in Private Practice as Herbalists and Nutritionists, we know what clinically works.

It is our desire to support only those natural product companies that have met our standards.

Amma brings you the best!

We carry only the finest supplements that have proven performance.

we research our companies to determine

  • organic status

  • purity & efficacy

  • integrity of ingredients

  • absence of synthetic ingredients

  • absence of fillers

  • sustainability

  • carbon footprint

  • no child labor

  • social consciousness

  • give-back programs


We do NOT support companies that are large corporations, or owned by pharmaceutical companies.

We only support small companies that are innovative and have integrity, 

while embracing the original, pure, grass-roots concept of the health food industry.

We do not want the industry changed by the monetary greed of today's corporations.

We encourage you to support what you believe in too.


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