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We are committed to providing you authentic olive oil. To do this, we go halfway around the world to the shores of Tunisia and find you handpicked organic oil that is smooth and gentle in taste. A 2010 report by the University of California-Davis Olive Center found that 69 percent of imported olive oil samples to Canada and the United States touted as “extra virgin” were actually made from inferior grades. In addition, some of the samples showed signs of oxidization (from age or bad storage), poor quality or adulteration with cheaper, chemically refined oils, such as soy and canola. Phoeapolis Organics was founded because we felt the need for healthier Olive Oil that is authentic, unblended, handpicked and Organic in nutshell an olive Oil as healthy as the crop that was cultivated by the Phoenicians 3000 Years ago. Phoeapolis Organics is imported from the Mediterranean shore of Tunisia from the heart of the world renowned Sahel region. Our single variety of the world class Chemlali olive is known for its very smooth and gentle taste with a hint of olive oil aroma and high level of polyphenols.



The fresher, the better, the tastier – Our olive oil is produced from the latest crop and immediately produced for sale to ensure superior taste.



Every bottle of Phoeapolis Organics Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes brimming with centuries of tradition, knowledge, and the finest olive oil.



Let’s not forget that olives are fruit so a good olive oil needs to have some degree of fruitiness. This can come from ripe olives or unripe (green) olives. Olive oil should taste fresh, not heavy and “oily”.

The fresher the olive oil the tastier and healthier. The older the olive oil the less polyphenols it will have. Phoeapolis Organics strives to bring you the freshest olive oil an olive oil from the latest crop to fully benefit from health benefit and superior taste.



Phoeapolis Olive Oil

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